Benefits of Workplace Charging

Costs Savings

 EV car  Petrol car
Per year Electric Vehicle Petrol Vehicle
Fuel £150 £2,250
Road tax £0 £300
Maintenance £150 £300
BIK £1,250 £5,000
Capital allowance 100% 8-18%
Purchase grant £5,000 Nil

Employee Retention 

Providing Electric Vehicle charging in the workplace is cost-effective way to retain and actively support your employees.  In terms of fuel costs, employees can save up to £2,000 a year approximately  in petrol or diesel costs, simply by switching to electric vehicles and having the facility to charge at work.

If you provide the charging free to employees, the cost of providing the electricity is around £150 approximately a year per employee.

Company Cars 

Employees that purchase a company car can also benefit from as low as 7% benefit-in-kind tax for a fully electric vehicle as opposed to 20% for a typical petrol or diesel car.

Average car value of £25,000 potentially save up to £3,750 in tax payment over the life of the vehicle.

Tax Advantages – purchasing Electric Vehicles as part of your Fleet 

Purchasing electric vehicles in your fleet makes your business eligible for ‘Enhanced Capital Allowances’, which significantly increases the amount of allowance you can write down against taxable profits each year.

Businesses can also claim 100% allowance on the acquisition of electric charge-points.  This allowance will expire on 31 March 2019 for Corporation Tax purposes and 5 April 2019 for Income Tax purposes, for more information visit: HMRC

Environmental Benefit  

Implementing electric vehicles also helps your business achieve your environmental targets by dramatically reducing your CO² emissions and the amount of carbon tax paid on those emissions.

Be the Best 

Having electric vehicle charging points in the workplace and a fleet of electric vehicles will help improve your business image along with promoting your business as a leader in sustainability with employees and your customers!