Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette Top Tips!

These are Elmtronics top 5 tips for electric vehicle charging etiquette.  These top tips are more common-sense techniques and courtesy to other EV Drivers!

1.  EVs should be a priority over hybrid     

This may sound controversial but fully EV should take priority over hybrid vehicles, as electric vehicle fully relies on charging alone to make a journey, where as the plug-in hybrid doesn’t.  Its more about being considerate when pulling up at a charging point if there is only one charging point available to use consider other EV Drivers that only rely on charging alone before plugging in.

2. EV spaces are for charging only   

EV spaces should never be used by combustion engine vehicles parked in any spot. Also saying this even if you have a EV but it does not require charging parking in these bays is even worse, EV drivers should know better…it’s about being respectful for your fellow EV Driver.

Only plugged in vehicles should be parked in charging bays.

3. When your charge is complete, move your vehicle away!

Be aware – when your finished charging unplugs your vehicle and move it away from the charge point allowing other EV drivers to access to charge their vehicle.

Leaving your vehicle plugged in after charging has completed or for excessive periods is only hogging the parking bay.

When rapid charging you should stay close to your vehicle as this process only takes between 20 to 30 minutes at a time and will have other EV Drivers waiting to use the chargers.  Don’t use the charge point bay as a parking bay and be considerate to your fellow drivers.

4. Look after the charging kit 

For the benefit of you, other EV drivers and the charge point you should always leave the chargers in the state that you found it (or should have found it). Replace the cable neatly in its holder and don’t leave it on the ground. The charging points are expensive pieces of kit, so please look after them so that everyone can continue to use them for longer and avoid costly repairs.

Also from a safety aspect leaving a high voltage cable on the ground could cause someone to trip and could easily be driven over which could pose a danger to the next person that uses it.

5. When to be courteous?

If you are waiting to use and electric charging point and another vehicle is plugged in, but you notice this vehicle has finished charging completely, this would be the only time its acceptable to unplug another vehicle that the owner has not returned to the car if every other avenue to locate the owner has been attempted.

In these circumstances, be polite and leave a note informing the other EV driver that their vehicle was fully charged, and you urgently needed to charge your vehicle.

If you would like any more information on how to use a charge point or how to obtain a charging infrastructure for your business, please email us at info@elmtronics.co.uk or visit www.elmtronics.co.uk.


About the Author:

A marketing professional with over 13 years’ experience in various business sectors including retail, financial services, building industry and public services.Passionate about expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure.