How do I charge an electric car?

How do I charge an electric car?
Charging your Electric Car, Elmtronics

Many people charge at home or if they are lucky enough at work, or at one of the increasingly growing number of public charge points! Either way the government grants and improving charging infrastructure’s is working to make things a whole lot easier!

Charge your car at home

Charging at home is the most efficient way to charge your car, especially if you have off-street parking meaning you can pull up to your home and plug your car straight into a socket.

This may sound expensive to own a home charge but with the help of government grants available this can help you cover most of the costs – you can claim up to 75% off the home charger, terms and conditions do apply.

It is also recommended that you use a approved installer to have your home charger installed, check out the home charging product at Elmtronics and see how they can help!

Charging at public charging stations

Charging doesn’t have to be an issue, you just need to plan your journey better when driving an electric car – knowing where the charge points are and mapping this into your journey.

Using the zap maps app can also help plan your journey!

Charging at work

If you’re lucky enough, your company will have already invested in EV Charging so driving to work and plugging in couldn’t be easier!
Government grants are also available for workplace charging that your company can take advantage of.  We can also help by supplying your company with a no obligation quote call us on 0191 417 3719.

How long does it take to charge and electric car?

The charging times vary, and this depends on the model of your car and what type of charging station you are using. For example, the Renault Zoe would take;
• Home charger @ 7.4kW would take around 6 hours
• Public or workplace charging @ 11kW would take around 4 hours
• Public or workplace charging @ 22kW would take around 2 hours
• Motorway charging (rapid) @ 50kW would take around 15-30 minutes to charge 80% of your battery

How long does a battery last once its fully charged?

Most new electric vehicles can reach around 100 miles on a fully charged battery. On average the daily round trip is around 60-90 miles, with 100-mile range on your electric vehicle there is no issue. With the added benefit of topping up at work or at public charge points you can easily travel the distance required.
Travelling that bit further means planning your journey and stopping at public charging points to top-up your vehicle. If your planning on travelling further each day, then investing in an electric vehicle with a higher range or a Plug-in Hybrid may be more suitable for you.

Do electric vehicle batteries decayed over time?

The answer to this is yes.
Electric vehicle are fitted with lithium batteries, and yes over time these will decay, but this doesn’t happen overnight.
Most electric vehicle batteries come with a warranty of 8 – 10 years with many manufacturers, with most having a built-in system to help prevent the battery from overheating, not letting you overcharge the battery and warning you if the battery is getting too low!

Is your next car electric?

Let us help you, from owning your personal home charger or helping you locate public charge points, providing you with the right information for your electrifying journey!

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