5 Reason to buy an Electric Car NOW

With most manufacturers now in the market for battery electric vehicles for sale or lease, could an all-electric model fit the bill?

Granted many people remain on the side-lines, but others have reported EVs as actually kind of fun, quiet running, and reasonably high tech.

“Electric Vehicles offer instant torque with smooth and effortless driving, giving a safe and secure drive with regenerative breaking along with smooth handling”, in the words of Anthony our EV Driver.

The 5 reasons include personal benefits to a EV driver and the benefits of potentially improving society, the environment, and our economy.

1. Inexpensive to run

2. EV prices have come down

So, you might ask: if you wait longer will prices go down further, or will product offerings improve?

There is general hope that the price of batteries per kilowatt-hour will decline, and economies of scale will help automakers trim costs which they may pass on to you.

And, like any technology, more features and benefits ought to come in time.

The question is can you benefit now?

Some people choose to lease a car to avoid risks associated with ownership, but others are purchasing EVs and happy with what they can do.

Range limits of 70-100 miles per charge for average EVs is also a factor to consider, but average daily driving needs might be under 40 miles.

3. Government grants still available

4. Less maintenance

Less moving parts to worry about, less that could go wrong, simple and straightforward as this.

5. Simpler than a Hybrid

While it is true that a hybrid offers no “range anxiety” and usually better fuel mileage than conventional cars, it also is an electrified vehicle that combines two power-trains.

All the maintenance concerns about internal combustion-powered cars apply to hybrids, and then you have the battery, controller, motor, other components as part of the gas-electric power-train.

The maintenance and resale record for hybrids has been good, and we are not meaning to say they are too risky, but EVs are simpler machines.

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