With most manufacturers now in the market for battery electric vehicles for sale or lease, could an all-electric model best fit the bill?

Granted many people remain on the side-lines, but others have reported EVs as actually kind of fun, quiet running, and reasonably high tech. There are many other benefits to electric vehicles, which Elmtronics have categorised into 5 main categories. We think there’s no time like the present to invest in a more efficient vehicle choice.

Anthony, our electric vehicle owner and driver says:

“Electric vehicles offer instant torque with smooth and effortless driving, giving a safe and secure drive with regenerative breaking along with smooth handling”.

Aside from just the driving experience, which is crucial when buying a car there are many additional benefits which help save you money, the environment and our economy.

Tesla image over the valley

1. Inexpensive to run

One of the first and key benefits to electric vehicles is they are very cheap to run, unlike petrol or diesel powered cars. There are minimal associated running costs, so after the initial investment costs are minimal.

It’s important to consider the most effective way to charge an electric car, as the chargers that come as standard can be very slow (sometimes taking up to 12 hours for a full charge). With Elmtronics, the UK’s leading electric car charging company and EV charging point installers we minimise the hassle of charging your car by installing convenient electric car charging at home with a range of products to meet you and your cars charging needs. Learn more about smart home EV chargers and charging stations or contact our friendly team to organise a free no obligation home survey.

2. EV prices have come down

The price of electric vehicles has seen a decrease in recent times. So, you might ask: if I wait longer will prices go down further, and will product offerings improve?

There is general hope that the price of batteries per kilowatt-hour will decline, and economies of scale will help automakers trim costs which they may pass on to you. As electric vehicles are being produced at a larger rate, it is hoped that the price for the consumer (you) will continue to decline.

And, like with any technology, more features and benefits ought to come in time, so we can expect to see more advanced and sophisticated electric vehicles.

The question is can you benefit now?

Many people choose to lease an electric car to avoid the risks associated with ownership, however others are purchasing electric vehicles, and are pleased with the results. Start saving yourself money in the long run by purchasing an electric car, and EV charging solutions.

Generally speaking, the range limits of electric vehicles is around 70-100 miles per charge. For top performance the average daily driving distance might be around 40 miles. However, if you plan on taking your vehicle on longer, cost effective journeys rapid chargers provide the perfect solution to keep you on the go.

3. Government grants still available

 To encourage people to buy electric cars the government offer incentivised EV charger grants to help minimise vehicle pollution and popularise the new electric car technology.

There are various grants available, from the electric vehicle homecharge scheme to the workplace charging scheme. Homeowners can claim up to £350 toward the cost of an EV charger!

4. Less maintenance

Electric cars have less moving mechanical parts leading to less going wrong on the roads. It is as simple and straightforward as this, so if you want to minimise inconvenient car break downs, and costly repair work perhaps an electric car is the solution for you.

5. Simpler than a Hybrid

While it is true that a hybrid offers no “range anxiety” and usually better fuel mileage than conventional cars, it also is an electrified vehicle that combines two powertrains.

All the maintenance concerns about internal combustion-powered cars apply to hybrids, and then you have the battery, controller, motor, other components as part of the gas-electric power-train.

The maintenance and resale record for hybrids has been good, and we are not meaning to say they are too risky, but electric vehicles are simpler machines. Learn about the differences between hybrid cars and electric cars and why electric vehicles may offer you the most reliable, cost effective motoring solution.

Whilst many people would consider electric vehicle charging an inconvenience at Elmtronics we are strong believers that it doesn’t have to be a hassle in any way. We are proud to be the UK’s leading installer of EV charging points serving the public sector, business sector and home charging industry.

With a range of products, we are confident to make your transition from costly petrol/ diesel powered cars to EV as swift, hassle free and smooth as possible. Learn more about Elmtronics, and why we are the car charging solution for you. For more information contact your local representative today and book a free no obligation home charging survey. Getting you one step closer to a more beneficial travel solution.