New ABB Terra High Powered Chargers

ABB has released a new generation of 350kW electric vehicle charging stations.

In April, the trusted energy tech company unveiled their new high-powered chargers, enabling drivers to charge their vehicles en route even faster. The new chargers have the ability to charge one car at 350kW or two cars simultaneously at 175kW each.

The Terra HP is the perfect solution for rest stops and fuel stations, and those moments when charging times needed to be minimised. The new chargers come with extended length and retractable cables for easier, more convenient charging.

ABB has also said that the Terra High-Powered charger will be customisable; allowing customers to choose from a range of coloured LEDs and add branding to the exterior.

We work with ABB to deliver EV charging solutions for home, destination and workplace charging. To find out more about how we can support your charging needs head to our EV charging page or call us on (0191) 417 3719.

Viva electric!