Electric vehicle charging only

In 2018 the government enacted the Automated and Electric Vehicle Act 2018 (AEVA). The AEVA supports the deployment of world-class electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the UK.

On 19th October 2021, the Department for Transport and Office for Zero Emission Vehicles published a review of the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018 (AEVA).

The 2-part report, released this week, outlines the developments made by the government since 2018.

Part two of the report focuses on electric vehicle charging and reliable infrastructure:

To ensure we retain our position as a global leader in the market for EVs by taking powers to expand and improve our national charging infrastructure. The main benefits of this part are to ensure we have one of the best charging networks in the world, one with convenient infrastructure that is easy to access and ready to support the mass adoption of EVs.” 

We asked our EV charging experts for their thoughts on the Act.

“Fleets and consumers are thinking carefully about their decision-making pathway towards their future fleet. Reliable infrastructure is undeniably critical to the mass market rollout we need to see if we are going to meet our clean air and carbon reduction targets. This act is essential for the public charge point network as it places a requirement on the operators to ensure networks are maintained and that faults are repaired quickly. This can only be good news for EV Drivers”. Dan Martin, CEO

“The Automated and Electric Vehicle Act 2018 was intended to improve the driver experience of EV infrastructure by making sure there is an opportunity for interoperability between networks. This can only be achieved through consistent technical standards and open data to show where the chargers are and their status at any given time. Hubsta is proud to roam with multiple partners to make the driver experience easier here in the UK.” Anthony Piggott, CTO

“Fleets need a simple payment experience at all charge points. The AEVA aims to make it easy for charge point users to pay using their chosen payment method. Drivers should be able to rely on their service provider – our Hubsta back office enables owners to add a tariff at depot charge points or office locations and when needed allows payment using RFID card or via the app, with roaming capabilities on multiple charging networks in the UK”. Sara Sloman, Head of Future Mobility Partnerships

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