A new initiative in England is offering businesses the chance to trial EV’s for up to two months

As the UK aims to meet net-zero targets more businesses are looking to switch their fleets to electric. This project provides the ideal opportunity for businesses to trial how an electric vehicle could work for them.

In 2020 Leeds City Council worked with the Energy Saving Trust to pilot a two-year scheme which is now being rolled out across England.

The initiative forms part of Highways England’s Designated Funds Environment and Wellbeing plan, which will run until 2025 and offer business owners the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’.

‘We welcome this scheme and think that it’s a critical step towards helping business owners understand the benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles. Businesses who are starting out on their journey to electric often have many questions and a trial like this will help provide confidence to many that the range of EVs can work for them.” Dan Martin CEO, Elmtronics.

The aim of the scheme is to improve air quality by “reducing concentrations of harmful pollutants in the air”, as well as to help businesses operate more responsibly. Highways England hopes to achieve this by supporting and accelerating the use of sustainable, zero-emission vehicles.

A variety of electric vehicles will be available to trial ranging from LEVC black cabs to electric vans.

More councils that are set to benefit from a share of the £936m investment include Coventry, Kent, Nottingham, Sheffield and Bristol. 

If you would like to express interest and find out how you could join the initiative, download the Designated Funds Expression of Interest form.

Viva electric!

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Source: fleetnews.co.uk, commercialfleet.org, highwaysengland.co.uk