Via East Midlands provides sustainable highway services including fleet servicing, highways maintenance, construction and design consultancy. The company has depots throughout the midlands and works closely with Nottinghamshire County Council, providing fleet services for the county’s fleet, for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, and for other local vehicle and plant operators.

The Brief

Sustainability is high on Via’s agenda, with a drive underway to save on carbon and embrace the move away from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. 

The company has recently taken delivery of new electric vans – the Nissan eNV-200 – and approached Elmtronics to provide a combination of workplace and fleet charging at its head office site and at two of its depots. 

As well as putting in place charge points for its new vans and for the EVs it services on behalf of clients, Via also wanted to make it easy for its staff to make the switch to EVs by providing workplace charge points at its headquarters.

The Solution

Elmtronics worked in close partnership with Via East Midlands’ own electrical team to install 12 charge points across three Via sites. 

Rapid charge points were installed for the new electric vans, meaning they can be charged and back on the road quickly, while 22kw fast charge points, with eye-catching bay markings, enable staff to charge their own vehicles during the working day.

Built-in load management meant there was no need to upgrade the power supply at Via’s Bilsthorpe headquarters, as intelligent technology manages the flow of energy to the charge points and makes sure there’s always sufficient power available to the building. 

And a mobile rapid charger was provided for Via’s Queens Drive site, meaning that EVs coming into the workshop, like Nottinghamshire’s fleet of electric buses, can be charged quickly and easily, without the need to move vehicles around to access a charge point. 

The unique solution manufactured by our rapid charging partner ABB, is one of the first in the UK, and is designed for busy workshop environments where flexibility is key. The DC rapid charger, which uses a CCS connector, is capable of charging up to 24kw, allowing technicians to quickly charge a vehicle whilst performing repairs and maintenance.

Via is one of the first businesses to take delivery of a mobile rapid charger and it’s great to see this innovative solution being used in situ. It needs no pre-charging and the flexibility it gives in a workshop of this size, with the capability to move a charger between vehicles in different working bays,is a game changer.” – Marvin Wright, Associate Consultant at Elmtronics

As more and more electric vehicles turn up in workshops throughout the UK, Elmtronics is excited to be able to offer this innovative and cost effective charging solution to our clients.

“Working with Elmtronics was a really good experience. They went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and their previous experience reassured us that they would be a good partner to work with.

“We’re moving towards a greener fleet and we’re encouraging our staff to make the move to EVs as well. I hope that, by providing charge points, we can help to open people’s eyes to the possibility of moving over to EVs.” – Clare Murden, Head of Operational Assets and Performance at Via East Midlands

Via’s charge points operate using Elmtronics’ back-office software, Hubsta, which allows Via’s staff and management team to quantify their C02 savings and will also indicate whether more capacity will be needed as Via’s own EV fleet, and its EV servicing offer grows.