Just announced: Charge Your Car has terminated its roaming agreement with NewMotion. This termination will affect approximately 1500 charging points in the UK.

Read a statement from NewMotion here:

Following a cooperation that lasted slightly over two years, Chargemaster, which now owns the Charge Your Car network, has revoked its existing roaming agreement with NewMotion. The result of this decision is that EV drivers with a NewMotion charge card can no longer charge their vehicle at any Charge Your Car/Chargemaster operated charge points.

NewMotion’s UK Country Manager, Sander van der Veen said: “NewMotion believes that for EV to become truly successful in the UK it is necessary to create an open charging network where drivers can charge their vehicle at any charge point with a single card or app. The priority should be on creating a seamless charging experience for all EV drivers that allows them to have a convenient journey.  We, therefore, regret Chargemaster’s decision to revoke our roaming agreement and the inconvenience this may bring.”

NewMotion operates a charging model in which EV drivers do not need to take a subscription to use the network, but rather only pay for use, with a simple connection fee of 35p each time a driver charges their car. NewMotion is working with other network operators in the UK to establish new roaming agreements that will help create a more practical and convenient network for EV drivers and welcome any opportunity to re-establish roaming with Charge Your Car/Chargemaster.


Elmtronics will remain providing both NewMotion and Charge Your Car as back office networks to customers. For more information on either of these networks, email info@elmtronics.co.uk