The EV covered with solar panels

Many EV drivers suffer from range anxiety, could this German creation have the answer?

While there are currently EV’s that have solar panelling in the roof, they don’t tend to generate a lot of energy for the battery. Now Sono Motors has designed an electric car that uses the entire body as its own solar panel farm, sourcing as much energy as possible from the sun, as it’s on the move!

The interesting model, named Sion, will also enable other drivers to charge directly from them, using a function known as ‘bidirectional charging’. The energy levels will, of course, vary throughout the year and times of day, but the Munich based company estimates that driving in their city, you could get an estimated 21 miles per day out of the vehicle, not bad right?

Sono is also looking to develop this concept across other electric vehicles for use in things like business transportation, or delivery vehicles for example.

This is yet another quality step in the right direction for the EV industry and we’d love to see how it rolls out in the future.

Viva electric!