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Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations

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Advanced Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Elmtronics EVe charging station

Modern design and solid housing

The EVe is the newest charging station in the complete range of charging solutions from Elmtronics.  The EVe has a futuristic design, is suited for two users and offers the latest technology and functionality in  charging stations for electric vehicles.  The housing is composed of a very strong composite material. Therefore the EVe is very robust and suitable for applications on both (semi) private and public locations. The highly compact charging point can be mounted on the wall or on a special pole.

Large LCD display

The EVe is equipped with an RFID reader and can optionally be fitted with a graphic colour display. On the display, charging instructions and transaction data is shown. Additionally, it is possible to display your own logo for a professional appearance. All versions of the charging station are very user-friendly and the charging process can be started or stopped in a few easy and quick steps. The EVe is available in a wide range of capacities, allowing for virtually any application.

High capacity charging with a cost efficient connection

Thanks to the smart electronics in the Eve, the charging station is able to distribute the maximum charging capacity based on the installation. This means that the charging station can be installed on a cost efficient connection but still charge with high power without overloading the installation.

Tested and certified charging station

The EVe is built according to the mode 3 protocol and complies with all relevant international standards. By choosing the EVe, you are choosing a highly safe and reliable charging station.

Download the Eve Product Sheet

EVe Mini Charger

Eve Mini Charging Station

Smart Charging in a Modern, Compact Housing

EVe Mini is the newest addition to the complete line of ICU EV charging stations.

EVe Mini has a single socket or tethered cable and is suited for any electric car thanks to its wide range of charging capacities. Through smart technology, the station is able to offset charging costs automatically and always charges at optimal speed.

The housing of the EVe Mini is ultimately solid, compact and has a modern design. This makes the EVe Mini perfectly suited for at home or at the office.

Download the Eve Mini Product Sheet