Maxus stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show

Last week we visited the Commercial Vehicle Show to see what electric vehicles were in store for the commercial market.

The Commercial Vehicle Show is the largest industry-leading road freight transport, distribution and logistics event in the UK. It’s the meeting point for fleet operators and for suppliers to exhibit their products and services. 

As deadlines loom for the transition to electric mobility, more vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are focused on offering up electric solutions for the commercial market. The Commercial Vehicle show is a great place for attendees to experience the EV alternatives out there.

Heading down to the show on the day, we weren’t sure what would be on display in regards to commercial EVs and were delighted to see that there was a myriad of new electric vans and trucks.

There was a range of exhibitors including Maxus who have recently partnered with LEVL and GEOTAB

Maxus stole the show with an array of vehicles suited to every trade, each one with clearly defined range expectations and modifications for the ultimate EV experience. They offered their up expertise, informing and educating visitors on the EV revolution and encouraging commercial electric vehicle adoption.

When asked about their experience of the show they said they were pleased with the amount of interest shown and were delighted to have the opportunity to showcase their range of vehicles.

Sara Sloman, Head of Future Mobility Partnerships at Elmtronics was there on the day.

“What this show does so well is highlight the pace of change from a few years ago. Maxus and LEVL, together with Geotab, are breaking ground with the range of technology they offer to fleets.” 

She added, “For me, the only thing missing was more information on the hardware and software to support these fleets. Smart charging technology is essential for this transition. 

Our Hubsta back office platform provides fleet managers with an end-to-end experience of their equipment and vehicles.”

The Commercial Vehicle Show is an annual event and will return in May 2022. Highlights from this year’s show can be found here.