Could installing electric vehicle charge points help your business reach its sustainability goals?

Sustainability targets and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are hot topics for many businesses right now, as the public looks to companies to lead the way in the fight against climate change.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
CSR is a broad business term that covers different areas of corporate responsibility; environmental, human rights, philanthropic and economic. A CSR strategy helps businesses to self-regulate and be socially accountable.

How does EV charging fit in with CSR?
Environmental responsibility is key as businesses build their CSR strategies and many are after ‘quick wins’. Installing EV charging stations at the workplace could be one solution that ticks many boxes.

Staff and visitors
Offering workplace charging means not only providing a valuable service for staff and visitors but also includes them in the broader sustainability strategy.
The introduction of workplace charging can help reduce a business’s overall carbon footprint and make it easier for employees to make the switch to more environmentally friendly transport.
In a survey of 200 UK businesses, more than a third revealed they had already installed charging infrastructure at their sites and just under half said they plan to install chargers in the next 12 months.

Fleet transition
Any business that operates a fleet will have environmental and sustainability targets that need to be met. Transitioning fleets to electric vehicles is going to be vital in meeting these goals and it’s clear that with this, comes the issue of providing suitable charging infrastructure.
Depending on the size of the fleet, different solutions will be required; whether that means offering teams the ability to charge at the workplace, or providing home charging solutions for drivers.

Measuring CO2 savings
With smart charging networks such as Hubsta, charge point owners can manage and monitor their chargers with a personal dashboard. This enables them to measure exactly how much CO2 has been saved using the installed charge points.

More benefits of workplace charging
As well as supporting a CSR strategy, installing charging infrastructure and switching to electric could help save money in the long run!
Providing workplace charging could also help to improve a business’s image. Being proactive and contributing to an eco-friendlier environment could lead to a business being viewed as a leader in sustainability.

If you would like more information on charging solutions for your business, please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to guide you on your journey.

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