EV Rapid Chargers

Terra DC fast charge are a future-proof investment supporting current and future EV’s with high voltage charging, applicable to a wide variety of
use cases, in an ultra-compact footprint, that is safe and reliable.

Product configurations, all with CCS cable from left, and CHAdeMO cable and AC cable (optional) from right.
Power available across the units are:

  • 50 KW DC
  • 120 KW DC
  • 180 KW DC
  • 22 KW AC
Universal Rapid Charging Destination charger

Why Choose an EV Rapid Charger from Elmtronics?

At Elmtronics, we stock the very best, high quality EV rapid and fast charging car chargers to provide convenient solutions to energy-conscious drivers. With our EV rapid chargers, you can easily charge your electric vehicle at a much faster speed, making them perfect for use on the go.

Our EV fast chargers can be found in public places such as highway rest stops and petrol stations, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle in a flash and get back on the road in no time. Learn more about our EV rapid chargers at public electric car charging stations.

Terra 54 Charger 

Terra 54 is the successor of Terra 53, the best sold 50 kW DC charging station in Europe. Supporting increasing EV battery capacities, Terra 54 enables continuous charging at full 50 kW at 150 – 500 V.

Terra 54 supports CCS, CHAdeMO and AC functionality, and introduces ingenious new connector holders. It complies with all relevant international standards, including the EMC Class B norm, required for safe operation on residential, office, retail and petrol station locations. The new cabinet design provides improved ergonomics and serviceability. All chargers come with integrated Connected Services, allowing remote monitoring, diagnostics, statistics, and software upgrades.

Terra 54 is ideally suited for:

  • Highway rest stops
  • Petrol stations
  • Retail and office locations
  • Car dealerships
  • Fleet applications etc.

Depending on the customer needs, it supports the industry standards based fast charging technology with a tailored combination of CCS and CHAdeMO, as well as AC charging.

Destination charger Terra DC

Explore the technical features of the Terra chargers

Illustration based on Terra 184, features may vary on different models of this range.

CONNECTED 24/7/365 remote monitoring and diagnostic, receiving updates over the air to support every new EV on the road

LCD touchscreen with high brightness and graphical visualization of the charging process

SAFETY: Emergency stop push button to immediately stop charging operation

GREATER revenue potential with simultaneous charging for up to 3 electric vehicles, with CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC plug combinations

AUTOMATIC authentication by plugging-in the CCS connector in the vehicle thanks to the Autocharge function

UPGRADABLE power modules to support increasing demand for EVs and increasing battery ranges

ROBUST all-weather powder-coated stainless steel enclosure

CONVENIENCE and hassle-free reach for drivers with retractable cable management option

EASY installation thanks to the improved design allows to connect and start-up the charger in less than 2 hours

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