Elm BoostThis morning we had a product leak. Our Sales Director Simon Tate, released footage of him testing a prototype product we were looking to release later in the year. 

Elmtronics are dedicated to helping others and inclusivity for all in their electric journey, following extensive research we found a gap in the market. Supply EV charge points for the motorists, and e-trainers for the avid post covid runners. 

The Elm Boost trainers are the latest in mobile technology, whether you’re an athlete or a running hobbyist the Elm Boost trainers are for you! Featuring go faster stripes which will add AT LEAST another 5mph to your top speed 

“Nah not just fast, super, rapid fast” – Simon Tate 

The 2021 evolution of the average trainers. Combining the latest technology with a modern trainer design we’ve created the innovative Elm Boost. 

Be super stealthy with the Elm Boost trainers, one moment you’re jogging along and the next you’re in hyper speed. 

The Elm Boost trainers are the first product from our new range of electric footwear. Each pair of trainers can be wirelessly charged at any EV charge point subscribed to the Hubsta network. Just swipe your card and voila turbocharge.