Our electric car charging company is excited to welcome our team safely back to the office, as well as a flexible working approach. It’s just been great to see everyone in person and continue with the amazing momentum we have built.

The Coronavirus has tested everyone, including our resilience, our behaviours and how we adapt to change. Despite the spread of Coronavirus halting global markets and creating huge concern for long term economic recovery, figures show that as a nation some good will come from lockdown. In addition, our attitudes towards the environment and our health have changed dramatically. For the EV charging market, predictions show strong growth post Covid-19. According to data collated by industry analysts Jato Dynamics, battery and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles accounted for 17% of sales across all European and UK markets in April. This figure more than doubled the 7% market share achieved in April 2019.

Eco-awareness and education around the dangers of long-term exposure to air pollution has been accelerated by media and social channels throughout lockdown, which presents a real opportunity for our EV charging company and how we communicate with future customers.

Elmtronics were very fortunate to have had a core team of staff in place, keeping things ticking over during lockdown and helping us stay connected with our customers.  The effort and positivity from each member of our team has been amazing and we are grateful to each and every person for their diligence and attitude.

Dan Martin, CEO of Elmtronics, said: “I’m extremely proud how everyone at Elmtronics has excelled themselves during COVID-19. The team have stayed absolutely true to the Elmtronics culture, have been extremely robust and embraced the new ‘normal’ of home working. Nothing has got in the way of our mission to continue to provide outstanding customer service and relationships, both with clients and colleagues. A huge, heartfelt thank you to each and every one in the team for their continued hard work and to our clients for their continued custom.”

For more information about our EV charging services, get in touch with our friendly team at Elmtronics. Simply give us a call on 0191 417 3719 or send an email to sales@elmtronics.co.uk.