Meet Dan & Anthony – two best friends with a vision for an electrified future!

The journey of Elmtronics starts back in September 1998 when both Anthony and Dan, at the tender age of 17, started an electrical apprenticeship. They swiftly became firm friends and never looked back!

After enjoying a decade of working for an electrical contracting firm, they were plunged into redundancies, forcing them both onto new career paths. Dan entered into Leisure Management and Anthony into IT Services – vastly different from the roles they were used to.

In 2010 Dan set up his own electrical contracting firm and hired Anthony as his first electrician. A few years in, Dan had a moment of sudden inspiration when reading an article on the future of electric cars. After some research and a few phone calls, he realised what a huge opportunity there was within the EV charging market.

June 2013 came around and armed with £1000, a laptop and a van, Dan and Anthony set up Elm EV Ltd, an EV charging company. Initially, the focus was on domestic charging around the North East, until eventually, they moved into commercial charging.

After winning some localised NHS contracts, traction started to build, and more national public and private sector clients were won such as; Jaguar, Land Rover, and National Grid.

Elmtronics was then established in 2016, securing some of the UK’s highest FTSE 250 partnerships and is now one of the UK’s leading independent EV charging specialists, with a vast portfolio of customers and a passion for generating excitement around the EV industry.

Viva electric!

Dan, CEO says –

“Running a company with my best mate for the last five years has had its moments, but that has undoubtedly been our major strength.

“Our polar personalities and complete trust in each other ensures we navigate through the rough times and always approach challenges with diligence, confidence and gusto.”