EV Charging Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions concerning our EV chargers for home, public, commercial and business use. Our EV chargers are stylish, robust and weatherproof, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Expertly installed by our team of specialist installers. Manufactured in the UK with a 3 year warranty.

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Do I Really Need An Electric Car Home Charging Station?

Drivers usually choose an electric car home charging station because charging times are up to 60% faster. The built in safety features make charging at home more covenient and safer. The current OLEV grant reduces the overall cost by £500.

How Do I Claim the OLEV Grant?

Elmtronics submit the grant application on your behalf after the install. Simply provide the required documentation an Elmtronics will sort the rest.

Can I Claim the Grant for a Used Vehicle?


Can I Claim the Grant for a Company Vehicle?

Yes, as long as you are assigned the electric vehicle for a minimum of 6 months.

Do I Need a Property Survey for a Home EV Charger?

A remote survey is carried out by Elmtronics experienced home EV charger advisors.

What If My Installation is Non Standard?

Additional costs are agreed by our experienced home EV charger advisors prior to the install.

Do I Get a Warranty?

Yes, all of our EV chargers include a 3 year warranty.

How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

Charging your electric vehicle at home with an Elmtronics home EV charger is convenient and much more cost effective. For example, charging a 30 kwh Nissan leaf overnight will cost around £3.60 and be able to run for up to 115 miles.

How Long Does it Take To Charge My Electric Vehicle?

The charging time is determined by the vehicle. An Elmtronics home EV charger will speed up the charging time by 30% to 60% as opoosed to charging with the standard charger included at time of purchase. For example, charging a 30kwh Nissan Leaf with an Elmtronics home EV charger will take approximately 4 hours.

Where Do You Install The Home EV Charger?

The home EV charger would be mounted either in your garage or outside wall of your property, within charging distance of your vehicle.

Is the Home EV Charger Lockable?

The basic unit of the home EV charger is available with a lock, however, the chance of someone parking on your drive to use your electricity is very unlikely.

How Quick is Home EV Charging Point Installation?

Elmtronics will aim to install within 7 days. Simply confirm a morning or afternoon appointment with Elmtronics fully trained and qualified electric vehicle technicians.

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