EV Charging Load Balancing

At Elmtronics, our electric vehicle charging stations allow load balancing for convenience, cost-efficiency and practicality.

What is EV Charging Load Balancing?

Electric car charging load balancing refers to power distribution across multiple vehicles. For instance, an EV charging station with a high capacity will distribute available power to all vehicles currently charging. This means that multiple vehicles can be charged from the same EV charging station.


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Standard Load Balancing (SLB)

Divides available power between vehicles.

Standard Load Balancing example with 1 car

» One vehicle is charging – the maximum amount of power is available

Standard Load Balancing example with two cars

» Two vehicles are charging

» Charge is divided equally between EV’s at a lower power


» Cars are charged at full power, alternating every 15mins

Active Load Balancing (ALB)

Prioritises and regulates transfer of power from the building to the chargers.

Active Load Balancing example

» Max amount of power allocated to charging stations is set

» Electric vehicles are connected for charging

» Available power capacity is evenly distributed between the users

» When an EV is fully charged, other connected vehicles will be supplied with more power

» Power transfer from the building to the charger is regulated

Why load balancing?

EV charging load balancing offers a solution for powerful charging with a cost-efficient connection. Without load balancing, expensive investments in upgrading existing electric installation.

Who is load balancing best suited for?

Load balancing is ultimately suited for:

» Office Buildings

» Retail Parks

» Commercial Buildings

Or anywhere else where multiple EVs are being charged and where it is not feasible to increase the capacity of the electrical installation.

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