EV Charging

At Elmtronics, we are passionate about expanding EV charging infrastructure across the UK. Whether you are looking for electric car charging at home, public or workplace ev stations, we offer the most advanced electric car charging technology. Our high quality products go hand in hand with reliable expertise and exceptional service.

As experienced and professional EV charging point installers, we offer friendly support and take pride in making the entire process, from initial planning to full installation, as smooth and convenient as possible.


Call us on 0191 417 3719 or email sales@elmtronics.co.uk or learn more about us.

A company that you can rely on.  Friendly and supportive all the way to the end.

David Bignall, Institute of the Motor Industry

Arrange a Free Electric Car Charging Survey

If you are interested in installing electric vehicle charging, the first step is to arrange a free survey. The EV charging survey allows us to provide you with a detailed report of how the installation process works. We will visit your home, workplace or public sector organisation whenever it suits you.

Supplying & Installing Electric Vehicle Charging

We supply and install electric car charging in a variety of locations for your convenience.

Electric Car Charging at Home

Our home EV charging point installers provide electric vehicle charging stations with easy installation to households across the UK, with prices starting at £895.00.

Workplace EV Charging

If your business is making the switch to electric just like 80,000 drivers already are, we can install effective electric car charging stations for your workplace.

Public EV Charging Stations

If you are a public organisation who requires EV charging installation, we are here to help. Our expert technology means that the public will freely be able to use our public EV chargers with ease.

Rapid Charging

Our fast charging car chargers work perfectly for those on the go, for use at locations such as highway rest stops and petrol stations.

EV Charging Management

We have a range of tools available to help you manage your EV charging network and payment. We will show you how to use Hubsta Network, helping you to manage electric vehicle charging with features such as charge point search and monitoring real-time usage.

Learn more about Hubsta Network

Electric Car Charging Support & Aftercare

Our EV charging company is made up of a team of friendly specialists, who promise to provide support from start to finish.

Contact our help desk where our helpful experts offer complete support in managing your EV charging points. For complete peace of mind, we also offer electric vehicle charging aftercare. Our friendly team are happy to help you!

Contact Us

To discover more about our electric vehicle charging services, call our helpful team of specialists on 01914 173719 or email us at sales@elmtronics.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

Why Choose Elmtronics for EV Charging?

  • Elmtronics are the UK’s largest independent supplier of EV chargers and charging stations.

  • We’ve worked with some of the largest councils, NHS Trusts & private companies.

  • Aftercare and maintenance is included

  • 24/7 support telephone number

  • 3 year warranty

  • Exclusive offering of DBT wall mounted rapid EV chargers

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