Elmtronics EVe Mini

Eve Mini Charging StationSmart Charging in a Modern, Compact Housing

EVe Mini is the newest addition to the complete line of ICU EV charging stations.

EVe Mini has a single socket or tethered cable and is suited for any electric car thanks to its wide range of charging capacities. Through smart technology, the station is able to offset charging costs automatically and always charges at optimal speed.

The housing of the EVe Mini is ultimately solid, compact and has a modern design. This makes the EVe Mini perfectly suited for at home or at the office.



Charging capacities
3,7kW, 7,4kW, 11kW, 22kW
Single socket or tethered cable type 1 or 2
Length tethered cable
4 or 8 meter
On the wall or on an optional mounting pole
RFID charging card or Plug & Charge
Front RAL 9016 (white) Back RAL 7043 (grey)
Energy (kWh) meter
Yes, MID certified, suited for transactions
Dimensions (LxWxD)