Our team of EV charging experts at Elmtronics have launched a new regional partnership with the Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), aiming to provide diverse electric car charging solutions to businesses of all sizes.

County Durham’s Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) are committed to encouraging an eco-friendly future to reduce carbon emissions through installation of EV charging stations, making this an effective partnership for shaping the future of electric vehicles. There are an array of benefits that come with electric car charging points for business, including generating income for public use whilst increasing energy efficiency.

GAS now has 13 service areas due to the addition of EV charging, with their other services covering energy management, business insurance, merchant services and more.

GAS EV Charging Points Launch Event

GAS and our team of EV charging point installers launched their EV charging partnership on 5th February 2019. This included presentations from Tesla and our team at Elmtronics, plus the opportunity for GAS’ staff to test drive electric vehicles. The presentations were an informative and promising, offering an insight into the future of electric vehicle charging and how it can benefit businesses.

The luxurious Tesla Model S was also introduced to the GAS Business Solutions Managers, giving them the opportunity to look around and learn more about the new electric car charging technology.

Mark Jones, Associate Business Solutions Director (UKI) at GAS, said: “We’re encouraging our customers to think about their energy strategy as a whole and not just see it as an unavoidable cost.  Businesses should consider how the new technology including electric car charging points, can be used for development and long-term cost reduction.

“We’ve seen legislation encouraging low carbon solutions for years now and it’s just the right thing to do.  But, when you couple this with access to Elmtronics’ first-class EV charging equipment and GAS’ cost reduction expertise, it becomes an opportunity with a harder business edge and a prospective revenue generator.

“I’d like to thank Elmtronics and Tesla, who have done a great job enthusing and educating our staff.  Both GAS and Elmtronics are national businesses with roots in County Durham and we’ve immediately struck up a good working relationship.

“We’ve received interest in the service already and we’re looking forward to contributing to the low-carbon future of business transportation in the UK.”

(L to R) Mark Jones, Associate Business Solutions Director (UKI) at GAS, Dan Martin, CEO of Elmtronics.

Dan Martin, CEO at Elmtronics, said: “We’re excited about this new partnership, which will give us another route to market.

“We’re finding that there’s a genuine desire for our service, which we successfully deliver on its own, but it also fits neatly into GAS’ strategic work with its clients.

“EVs are the future and our experience in both public and private sectors makes us the perfect partner to provide a quality EV charging option for any of GAS’ wide variety of clients.

“Our focus is on being an end-to-end solution, which makes the whole process from scoping to EV charging point installation and servicing completely seamless.”

To learn more about the electric car charging products available at Elmtronics, including commercial charging stations,  or request a free, no obligation survey, contact us today.