Handover of chargers with GS Plus Ltd

GS Plus Ltd Royal Borough of Greenwich

GS Plus Ltd provides a huge range of services to businesses across the UK, including fleet management, catering services and cleaning. Working with a variety of industries they supply solutions to support their needs. The firm is responsible for the fleet management of The Royal Borough of Greenwich, the local government covering the Borough of Greenwich, a London borough in southeast Greater London.

The Brief

Following a full review of their EV strategy, to include new electric vehicle purchases, the team established that their current infrastructure was no longer fit-for-purpose.

As early EV adopters, the council had invested in EV charging Infrastructure 8 years ago, leading by example. However, with the ever-changing technical capabilities of the hardware, recognising the back office management platform had to provide total transparency providing data that was fundamental to view for the effective management of their EV fleet, and understanding how crucial it was to have trusted aftercare support; it became apparent the infrastructure had become outdated and unreliable.

Coupled with some restrictions on power capacity, and understanding there was already an existing level of infrastructure we could upgrade, GS Plus Ltd undertook a full feasibility study, which they incorporated into their specification.

The Solution

Having experience in upgrading legacy charging infrastructure, the team at Elmtronics understood the specification document and welcomed the level of detail within.

We installed 10 Eve 22kW dual chargers that would be limited until the electrical capacity could be increased. To further accommodate the limited capacity the chargers would be load balanced. Each of the chargers would also be supplied with an in-built 4G data connection linking to our Hubsta network so management could review and monitor the charging data from each charger. This option also included a 5-year maintenance package ensuring post-installation, minimal disruption or downtime of their chargers should any issues arise.

“It’s been a pleasure working with GSPlus Ltd fleet team to support them on the next phase of their EV charging journey.

Not only did we meet their requirements but our installation, smart charging network and maintenance package will ensure longevity and future-proofing their infrastructure.” Natasha Fry, Associate Consultant @ Elmtronics

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