The Holiday Inn at Gosforth Park is the first in their group of hotels to introduce electric vehicle smart charging points for business, installing two dual EVE smart EV chargers.

The electric vehicle charging industry was new to Ailantus Hotels Group, who own the Holiday Inn at Gosforth Park. Working with Elmtronics throughout the whole journey was important and has been invaluable to the group and staff in terms of learning about how smart EV chargers work and the industry as a whole.

Having industry experts who understood all the various requirements of the hotel, but also who reacted quickly and effectively was also important to the group.

Elmtronics worked with the Holiday Inn’s, General Manager, Norrie Oswald, to understand the hotel’s EV charging needs and to ensure quality equipment with the right specification, in the right place, was installed.

Elmtronics continue to work with the hotel, offering support when needed. We also regularly provide staff training to further educate employees about electric vehicle smart charging and how to use the charging points effectively.

Smart EV chargers are an essential component to any business. As we start to see an uptake in electric car charging points for business over the next few years, we recommend future proofing your business now to put you in a better position with your consumers, staff and competitors.

The installation of electric car charging points for business has been an important move for the hotel, especially as we see the demand increasing. We expect many more customers to start looking for electric vehicle charging locations to either top-up or charge overnight.

Learn more about how electric car charging points for business could benefit your employees. If you are interested in workplace EV charging, simply contact our helpful team at Elmtronics who will be able to assist you. We even offer a free survey prior to installation! Call 0191 417 3719 today.