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Smart Home EV Car Chargers & Charging Stations

Discover the very best smart home car chargers and charging stations at Elmtronics. Our smart electric car home charging units are designed to meet the needs and preferences of the energy conscious consumer looking for quick, easy and convenient EV charging at home.

Our qualified and professional electricians can do all the hard work and install your smart home car charging station for you. Browse our range of smart home EV chargers below.


Why Choose a Smart Home EV Charger from Elmtronics?

Brought to you by the global experts in smart mobility, smart buildings and smart homes, the Terra AC wallbox is built on ABB’s 130-year heritage of accessible technology leadership for safe, smart and sustainable electrification and informed by our comprehensive expertise in e-mobility.

Our smart home EV chargers and electric car home charging units at Elmtronics are some of the best home car chargers on the market. As OLEV approved EV charging installers, our electricians are reliable and have a wealth of experience to provide you with the highest level of service.

Our smart home EV chargers and charging stations are an affordable solution to an eco-friendlier planet.  Learn more about electric car charging at home at Elmtronics.

ABB Terra AC Wallbox Home EV Charger

Supplied by Elmtronics, the ABB Terra AC wallbox home car charger is an industry leading charging solution for homeowners across the nation. Both cost-effective and high quality, this home charging point boasts intelligent technology alongside an array of fantastic features and benefits.

Reliable and flexible

With smart charging functionality, the ABB Terra AC wallbox understands the optimal conditions for charging and can adapt its power usage based on this. Therefore, providing homeowners with fast, convenient solutions that work around their day to day life.

This home charging point for electric cars can also keep energy costs down with energy meter integration and dynamic load management. Plus, the Terra AC wallbox app allows homeowners to easily control and manage their home EV charger, including their charging status.

High quality equipment

We are proud to offer the highest quality, best home EV charging to our customers. The Terra AC wallbox is designed for consistent, exceptional performance, supported by remote software updates to ensure users receive the best and latest charging experience. This home car charger can be connected by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet for your convenience.

User protection and compliance

The ABB Terra AC wallbox home EV charger has been evaluated and tested in accordance with industry standards, ensuring it is completely safe for use. Our installers at Elmtronics always perform full safety checks with a qualified engineer to certify this. To prevent nuisance tripping, this charger has current limiting protection and can work alongside a home’s electrical distribution system. This ensures you receive the full charging power you expect alongside a safe and user-friendly experience.

Other features

  • Robust, space efficient design with simple installation
  • IEC standards compliance
  • Built-in energy meter
  • Single phase up to 7.4 kW/32 A
  • Three phase up to 22 kW/32 A
  • IP54 and IK10 protection
  • Type 2 connectors, with sockets available with or without shutter

Full protection integrated for safe use – overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, ground fault and surge protections.

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