When you choose Elmtronics for EV charging you can be sure to embark on a totally smooth process, from installation right through to usage. We want using an electric car charger to be quick and easy, so it fits right into your everyday lifestyle and routine. Electric car charging is becoming more and more popular across the UK. With the huge benefits it can offer including slowing down climate change and low cost, there’s no surprise.

How does the EV charging process work with Elmtronics?

The EV charging process with Elmtronics is completely easy and stress-free, meaning your switch to electric is completely seamless. Before any contracts are signed, we offer a free, no obligation EV charging survey where our engineers can assess the desired installation area. Once installation has been agreed, we can offer two options: a full installation package or commissioning (where installation is completed by an external team).

No matter what option you choose, our team will ensure that you understand how each stage of the installation process works. We will also work with you to find the very best electric car charger for you, based on your budget and other requirements. Once installation is complete, we will provide you with a complete breakdown on how your electric car charger works, how to connect to the Hubsta network and our aftercare service.

How do electric charging stations work?

An electric charging station works by pumping electrical power into an electric vehicle. This electrical power is supplied through the UK’s energy grid. Public and business charging stations will have a bay to park your car directly next to it, where your car can be left to charge for the desired period/until it is fully charged. A home EV charging station is installed on the homeowner’s driveway, which can be used at the homeowners’ convenience.

How do you use an electric car charger?

Electric car chargers are essentially a plug that fit into electric vehicles. Rather than having an opening for petrol or diesel, an electric vehicle has a plug socket. When an electric car charger is plugged into your electric vehicle, it charges up with power that will allow the vehicle to drive forward.

Learn more about how EV charging works by contacting our friendly team of experts at Elmtronics. Simply call 0191 417 3719 or email sales@elmtronics.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.