How long will it take to charge your car?

Charging your car will depend on the size of the battery the car is provided with and the speed of the charging points.  It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge a car.

A typical electric car like the Nissan Leaf (30kW) takes approximately 4-5 hours to charge from empty using a 7kW charging point.

Time to Charge with Different Charging Points:
  3.7kW Charger 7kW Charger 22kW Charger
Charging Speed (up to): 15 miles of range per hour 30 miles of range per hour 80 miles of range per hour*
Required Power Supply: Single phase Single phase Three phase
Typically Found in: Homes Homes, Workplaces, Public Places Workplaces, Public Places

*Depending on vehicle model and specifications 

Home charging points have a power rating of 3.7kW or 7kW (22kW chargers not available unless you have three phase power – three phase power points are normally only provided to larger building like office blocks and industrial units).

Not all electric cars can charge at 22kW but most can still use them to charge at a lower speed (check with the manufacturer first before attempting any charging unit you’re not sure about).

Rapid Charger’s

Rapid charging stations are the fastest way to charge any vehicle and can provide as much as 80% charge to your vehicle with 30 minutes charging time.

You can find rapid charging stations at places like:

  • Highway rest stops / Petrol stations
  • Car dealerships
  • Busy urban areas

One charger fits all

  • Compatible with all car brands
  • CHAdeMO / CCS / AC 43 kW
  • Available power from 20 to 43 KW in AC and 50 kW in DC

Rapid chargers are ideal for a quick charge especially during a long journey, but these are not ideal for day to day use due to the high costs involved.