Your guide to charging leads explained

If you are thinking of making the switch to electric, you might think that there is one EV charging plug that fits all. However, our team at Elmtronics and those who already own electric vehicles can tell you that there are various types of EV charger types, all with different purposes depending on the model of electric car.

Our helpful infographic guide differentiates the difference between EV rapid charger and EV fast charger types, with information such as what they look like and how the EV car charging sockets work. The various types of electric car charging sockets are also adopted by specific electric vehicle manufacturers. Our EV charging plug guide will give you more information about which type of station your electric vehicle can be charged at.

For more information regarding EV charging plugs and charger types, contact our friendly team of experts at Elmtronics and we will be more than happy to help you. Discover more about our EV charging products and services on our website today. Don’t forget you can arrange a free EV charging survey for home, public and business!

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