John has been called a ‘sustainability guru’ and has spent the past 10 years of his career in the sustainability sector. We were lucky enough to chat with him about his work and passion!

John, thanks so much for talking to us at Hubsta Magazine. We’ve been looking forward to it!

First off, we’d just like to say a HUGE congratulations on making it to #100 on the GREENFLEET Most Influential People of 2020! There are some amazing people on the list, that must feel pretty great to be recognised?
It’s the first time I have ever been on the Greenfleet Top 100 and I have to say I was amazed; to be on a list with Elon Musk, and many true pioneers of the industry is genuinely humbling.

You were recently described as a ‘Sustainability Guru’ by Private Hire News Magazine, how did you come to be so passionate about sustainable mobility?
I have to say that I am no guru. I am passionate about making not very much go a long way as can be seen in my career. My strength is a little knowledge, an enquiring mind and my passion for people and solutions. I am much more comfortable covering what others achieve than what I do.

So, you’re a self-proclaimed “sustainability storyteller” – your writing is really enjoyable, straight to the point with a lot of quirks! Where did you pick up your style of writing?
I know you will find this hard to believe but I used to be painfully shy and not great at English. I learned by reading a lot, copying the style of people I admire and mirroring how I speak in my writing.


My strength is a little knowledge, an enquiring mind and my passion for people and solutions.

You’ve been freelancing for a good few years now, is that right? Can you tell us a little more about the freelance work you do?
I have spent ten years working in the sustainability world, mostly in transport. I am a qualified marketeer, journalist and lawyer and coupled with my love of storytelling and sustainability presents many opportunities to work for companies seeking the quirky, and need things delivered to time and quality.

We’re huge fans of The EV Café here! How did you come to be involved with the project and what role do you play at the cafe?
I LOVE the EV Café. It was started by Jonny Berry from Renault as we went into Lockdown 1.0 in March 2020. I was invited to join for one episode to talk about my work with EVs and they haven’t been able to evict me since. I operate the mailroom, on our monthly webinars, asking audience questions and interviewing the guests. I have the best role of all, I think, close to the visitors and guests yet still part of the five panellists, with the massively talented Jonny Berry, Paul Kirkby, Sara Sloman and Sam Clarke.  

John joins the panel on The EV Cafe

Of course, we have to ask, what kind of EV do you drive and why?
I drive a Nissan LEAF 24kWh, 1st Generation, it was the very first EV I drove, and I lost my heart. I now hanker after a Morris JE pickup but at £60k that may have to wait a while.

Finally, we all know that electrified mobility is the direction that we’re heading in, but sustainability for the planet isn’t just about driving electric cars – what other changes do you hope to see across the industry as
a whole?
Fundamentally, we need to harness renewable energy and also focus on taking less of the planet’s finite resources. I have a thing about wood. We need to repurpose wood, upcycle furniture and stop cutting down trees, the lungs of our planet. My sustainability has led to me hugging trees; I cannot lie.

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