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    Let's get you the right charger for the job.

    We offer two different power levels - if you're not sure which one is right for you, read this handy guide which opens in a new window. Still not sure? The majority of our customers choose 7kW, so this is a great starting point.

    Select your power type

    Please check you have a three-phase power supply before proceeding with a 22kW charger. If in doubt please read our guide to single & three-phase power.

    Claim a grant

    Next step, can we save you a bundle?

    Before we get you racing off on your green and clean electric journey, there are a few things we need to check to see if you qualify for an OZEV grant of £350 off. Answer a few quick questions and we can get you on your way!

    Would you like to claim a grant?

    Not sure if you'd be eligible? Follow the form on this page or find out more about OZEV here.

    Additional OZEV questions

    Last steps!

    There are just two quick questions to complete before we get you on your way. Don't worry if you can't tick either of these, we'll just need some more information from you.

    Can you confirm that you haven't claimed the OZEV Grant before?

    Can you confirm that you have private, off-street parking, adjacent to your property?

    My vehicle

    OZEV grants

    You can return to the previous step to change your OZEV grant choice. Find out more about OZEV here.

    Oops, have you missed something?

    It seems you haven't selected your car make and model in the previous page. Please return to step 2 and select your car before proceeding.

    Ready for purchase

    It looks like you will need further assessment in order to claim a grant

    Don’t panic, we can still help! You can either get in touch with us and we’ll check your options, or move forward with the purchase of your installation without the OZEV grant discount.

    Contact usContinue to purchase and booking without OZEV discount

    Ready to go!

    You have chosen to continue without OZEV.

    Ready to go!

    Great news, you are applying for a grant! The £350 discount will be automatically applied to your purchase. When the purchase is complete, you will receive an SMS in which we will confirm or extend the information entered on the form and ask you to upload any necessary documents for us to take care of the rest.

    Ready to go!

    You have chosen to continue without OZEV.

    Let us collect the last details for your installation

    My charger is located on the same building as my power supply

    My charger is located within a 15m cable run of my power supply

    In some cases, longer cable runs or non-standard installations will incur a higher material cost. We'll assess these as part of our pre-install checks and discuss these with you before proceeding.​

    Accessories and extras for your installation

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