Do you claim mobility aid?

Did you know you could use the aid towards a NEW Electric Car! 

There are many reason to switch from a petrol vehicle into a electric car, not only are they environmentally friendly and give out zero emissions they are financial benefits to switching.

  • Save over £1,000 each year in fuel by driving electric
    • Electric vehicles on average costs as less as 2p per mile*
  • 50{66bcf18495a8f26304da83093daf405ccefa9115b214b6094fc20813a36028b4} less maintenance costs to the driver
  • If you live in London or travel into London – Exemption from £11.50 congestion charge


Visit your local dealership and make the next car you drive Electric! 

*When it comes to charging your electric car, it depends on the location and the speed of the charger.  However, charging from home is the most efficient way to charge as charging from home is only 2p per mile, that’s only around 15p a day!

There are many electric cars on the scheme such as the Nissan Leaf, Hyundai IONIQ, Toyota Auris or the Toyota Yaris.  The most popular being the Nissan Leaf (image below), call into your local dealer to test drive any of these models and you’ll be surprise at how great an electric cars feels to drive in comparison to petrol or diesel.

How do you claim the mobility scheme?

All you have to do, is choose the vehicle you like, speak to the mobility specialist at your local dealership and the dealership will place the order for you.

Do you qualify for the mobility scheme?

You access the mobility scheme for a new car if you get the following:

  • Enhanced rate of the mobility component of personal independence payment
  • War pensioners and Armed Forces independent payment
  • High rate mobility component of personal independence payment