Elon Musk announces rollout of ‘Full Self-Driving’ software

Announcing on Twitter, Musk stated that the Beta software “will be extremely slow and cautious” adding “as it should”. It seems that the software update was rolled out to only a select few Tesla drivers on Tuesday (we’re not jealous).

Since the rollout, Twitter has been heating up with photos and videos of Tesla owners showing off their update. Just as promised, videos show the Tesla being driven carefully, at the speed limit and skilfully navigating corners and around other vehicles. Videos also show drivers in amazement when the car automatically stops at red lights and sets back into action when the green light gives the okay.

It’s still maybe too early for a full verdict on the new software update but it’s certainly getting the thumbs up from the Tesla drivers so far. This is a huge step for the future of self-driving, and we’ll be keeping a close on Tesla (and Musk) as the technology develops!

Viva electric!