Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust have announced a network change to their public charge points across nine of their thirteen sites. The charge points installed are accessible to the public and can also be used by staff, patients and visitors with an added incentive of being FREE to charge your electric car!

Previously connected to Charge Your Car (CYC) network the Trust have made the switch to the newly launched Hubsta network, after its successful launch with other UK wide companies with an EV infrastructure.

The Trust is set across semi-rural locations with an approximate population of 316,028 and a charging infrastructure of 28 AC fast charging dual intelligent points that offer the public access to 54 sockets and 4 DC rapid charging points for the more immediate charge across its locations.

Anthony Piggott, Technical Director of Elmtronics says: “We have launched Hubsta as an intelligent network to provide our customers a wider level of service, communication, which works for them, managed and owned within the UK. Hubsta allows customers to have full control over their charge point and data, enabling them to control and manage their EV fleet vehicles. Hubsta also allows the customer, the ability to remotely log in and manage each charge point in real time, making the control and audit of their fleet an essential part of their EV infrastructure. We are now working with many customers to switch them over to the Hubsta network and we can only see this increasing over the next few months as more and more customers see the benefit”.

Customers now wishing to use the charge points across Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust can now register with Hubsta via the Hubsta app using a smartphone or online at –

Hubsta is an intelligent network that connects to over 55,000 Charge points worldwide, with the network it’s never been easier to charge your electric vehicle or manage your EV charging using an app!

For further information about Elmtronics or visit Northumbria NHS Trust Locations