North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council is the unitary local authority of North Somerset. 

The Brief 

North Somerset Council has converted 48% of its light van and car fleet to electric vehicles and now has 34 electric vehicles that staff can use. Thanks to nearly £130,000 received in funding from the Go Ultra Low GUL project. To keep their fleet on the roads, North Somerset Council needed a charging infrastructure that will support their movement to EVs and a carbon-neutral future. 

“The running costs of the EVs are typically at least a third cheaper than a conventional ICE vehicle, whilst the employee reaction to driving EVs has been overwhelmingly positive. The council is estimated to be saving over 5000kg of CO2 per month at present and the residual values of our used vehicles are actually rising with the ever-growing interest in EVs.” – Carl Nicholson, Fleet Manager at North Somerset Council

The Solution

Mr. Nicholson stressed the importance of getting the right electric car charging points for business, to ensure good quality equipment is installed with the right specification, in the right place and in the right way.

Following our extensive multi-site audit, we established that fitting 20 Alfen Dual 7kW fast chargers and one ABB 50kW rapid charger was the most appropriate solution for their requirements. Each charger had a full-service agreement and the 20 fast chargers are signed up to Hubsta so council employees can enjoy hassle-free charging using their app or fob. 

“Everything about workplace EV charging was new to us at the start, so working with Elmtronics throughout the whole journey has been invaluable. Having experts who understand all the various requirements around the vehicles and smart EV chargers who reacts quickly and effectively to any questions or issues we experience is absolutely vital to ensure driver satisfaction and swift EV uptake.” Carl Nicholson, Fleet Manager at North Somerset Council

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