Workplace charging scheme
We are an OLEV authorised WCS installer, meaning that with us, you can apply for the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, Workplace Charging Scheme.

What is the OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme?
The WCS is a voucher-based plan that offers financial support towards up-front costs of purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge points. The grant is available for businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

Discover what the WCS can do for you
If you are looking to apply for the WCS, you can receive a contribution of up 75% of the costs of purchasing and installation charge points. This is for up to £350 per socket and up to a maximum of 40 sockets across all the applicant’s sites – overall, you could claim up to a total of £14,000.

How to claim the WCS
Claiming your workplace EV charging grant is simple, all you need to do is answer a few short questions and show us some documents, and our team of specialists will claim the WCS on your behalf. Alternatively, you can complete the application online at, then give us a call to arrange your installation!

On-Street Residential grant Scheme

What is the On-Street Residential Grant Scheme?
Local authorities are able to apply for funding towards the costs of increasing on-street charge points in residential areas where there isn’t the option of off-street parking and charging. This will help to encourage those without off-street options to still consider purchasing an EV.

Discover what the OSRGS can do for you
The OLEV has allocated £20m of funding for on-street residential projects. 75% of the capital costs of purchasing and installing charge point infrastructure will be covered by the grant, up to a maximum of £7,500 per charge point (any applicant requesting greater than £6.5k will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

How to claim the OSRGS
Any local authority looking to apply for the OSRGS should visit the website and complete the application form. Applicants should first consider the demand in their area and identify charge point locations, as well as seek quotes for the desired projects, before submitting an application.

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