Before three pin EV chargers, it was much more difficult to effectively and efficiently charge an electric vehicle. It was back in 2004 that three pin EV car chargers were first introduced, which was because of a specific electric vehicle. Indian car manufacturer Reva released the REVAi, otherwise known as G-Wiz in the UK, which laid the foundation for the modern electric car.

Why did the Reva G-Wiz need three pin EV car chargers?

The Reva G-Wiz electric vehicle had eight 6V batteries, giving a typical electric vehicle 50-mile downhill range and a top speed of around 40/50 MPH. These were lead acid batteries (8.8 kWh), meaning they could only be charged by a fairly basic on-board EV charger (approximately 1 kWh in capacity) and take a long eight hours to fully charge.

Since the electric car charging load was very low, it made common sense to introduce domestic (13A) plug sockets to significantly improve charging speeds. Lithium ion batteries were also seen as more favourable, due to their higher energy density, larger capacity and faster charging speeds. In turn, this was reflected in public charging stations and electric car charging at home.

How did the Reva G-Wiz impact public and home car charging stations?

As a result, “Mode 3” electric vehicle charging was introduced, with control and safety measures included to guarantee effective EV charging solutions.

To work with the public and home car charging stations at the time, electric vehicles were initially supplied with what was known as ‘magic cables’. These magic cables had a dedicated EV connector at one end and a three pin EV car charger at the other. In the middle of the two was a control box, which communicated with the electric vehicle. The control box provided a level of protection and limited the power delivered to the electric vehicle to 10A (2.4 kWh).

The Reva G-Wiz paved the way for faster electric car charging speeds, providing the UK public with more practical and desirable EV charging solutions.

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