Should you charge your EV battery to full capacity?

It’s hard to find a clear answer to this question, but it’s suggested that you loosely stick to the 80/20 rule if you want to keep your battery healthy long term.

Some sources say that you only need to keep your battery charged at around 80% if you don’t plan on driving your cars full range and you definitely shouldn’t let it drop down to empty. It’s recommended that if you get around the 20% charge mark, you should probably just plug-in.

One issue with consistently charging your car to 100% and letting it fall right back down, is that it can cause overheating – the quality of lithium batteries can be significantly reduced when charged to full volume as the chemicals inside react differently to the heat.

We know how much everyone LOVES that rapid charge, but it’s also important to ensure that you don’t b-line for the rapid charger every time you need to top up. If you know you’re able to leave your vehicle charging for long periods, plug into a regular fast charge point.

Here are a few quick tips to maintaining your battery:

  • Stick to the 80/20 rule
  • Minimise rapid charging
  • Full charge for long trips only
  • Take regular, short drives

So now you can enjoy driving your EV while taking good care of that battery!

Viva electric!