EV Charging Station

The EV driver survey report of 2021 was developed from speaking to more than 10,000 electric car drivers from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The report covers topics from electric car charging points to the ‘why’ behind driving a battery-electric vehicle.

Fleet World breaks down the full report into five key findings, many of these don’t come as a surprise to us, from speaking to our own customers many of their issues are resonated in this report. The UK EV drivers are calling out for a more reliable public charging network.

It is heavily argued that the reason why many drivers don’t leave their internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and switch to EV’s, is the availability of charging stations. Drivers were asked what changes they’d suggest would improve the EV charging experience, 43% of UK drivers stated that better availability of public charging points, beating 41% of UK drivers choosing faster charging. Many drivers may not be able to rely on charging at home, so will need public charging stations to keep their car fully charged.

The Department for Transport published data showing that the number of public chargers has increased by 25.8% YoY. However, local authorities such as Newcastle council, state that 34% of their public chargers are currently out of service strengthens the argument found in the report.

Simon Tate, Sales Director explains “With the rise of popularity of EVs increasing YoY it’s no surprise that we need more public charging stations. Unfortunately not only do we need more chargers they need to be working consistently. I’ve been caught out when driving between meetings, I’ve used Zap-Map to find a charger to arrive and it’s out of order! As a driver, you want to be able to charge your car as easy as it would be to refuel a petrol or diesel car.

Not only are we working with many businesses to supply more destination chargers, but we pride ourselves on our maintenance packages and rapid response to any issues with our chargers reducing downtime dramatically.”

The report also found that 84% of European drivers have private parking so could have a home charger installed, but out of the 84% only 68% actually have a home charger installed. The rest stated they use workplace charging, public charging or alternatives such as using a three-pin plug to charge their electric car.

Dan Martin, CEO of Elmtronics comments “Having a home charger is preferred for many EV drivers but if they can’t charge from home and their workplace has chargers they could use them. At Elmtronics we have some employees who charge throughout the day whilst working as they cant charge at home.

Businesses using networks like Hubsta can offer free or discounted fees for charging using their workplace chargers for employees during work hours and outside of those hours offer a fixed fee per kW for charging.”

At Elmtronics we endeavour to supply and install reliable charging for the EV drivers of today and tomorrow. For more information about any of our chargers or to arrange a free site survey contact us at sales@elmtronics.co.uk or call 0191 417 3719.