Will an EV’s battery become drained if it is left sitting for too long?

With the arrival of another national lockdown, many of us may find ourselves seldom using our vehicles. It’s common for traditional ICE vehicles to end up with flat batteries when left sitting around for too long. But can the same thing happen with electric vehicles?

The answer? Yes and no.

ICE cars get energy from burning fuel, whereas an electric vehicle gets its power directly from the battery. Your EV’s battery can suffer from loss of energy, but not in the same way as your traditional vehicle. The amount of energy lost also depends on the type of electric vehicle you have.


‘Vampire draining’

Ever heard the phrase ‘Vampire Draining’ or ‘Phantom Draining’? This is when the energy in appliances slowly drains away even when the device isn’t being used. Your EV loses range when parked due to vampire battery drain, but it doesn’t have to become your EVs worst nightmare. Follow the tips below to avoid significant energy loss.

Keep on charging

Ideally, one of the best things you can do is leave your car battery charged at around 80-90%. Plug it in every few days and never let the charge drop below 50%.

If you can leave your car plugged in at home, some manufacturers recommend doing so, but always check your manufacturer’s advice first. If you’re thinking about charging solutions for your home visit our website.


Turn off unnecessary features

Turn on ‘energy-saving mode’ or manually disconnect anything that won’t be getting used, i.e. Wifi, roaming services etc.


Know your vehicle

Knowing your vehicle is important, this will help you understand how to preserve the batteries power. Find out if your vehicle has any battery-draining features that you can’t turn off and take these factors into account.


Stay toasty

We’ve said it before but keeping your car protected from the cold or stored in a garage can also help to preserve the battery. Unfortunately, we aren’t all able to do this, so consider investing in a car cover for while the weather is cool.


Taking care of your EV is, of course, important all year round, but hopefully, these few tips will help give your battery that extra bit of TLC throughout the next few weeks.

Stay home. Stay safe.

Viva electric!