So, you’ve probably heard us banging on about ‘Hubsta’, but you’re maybe still unclear about what it is?

Well, let us explain!

Hubsta is an intelligent charging ‘back office’, supplied by us, Elmtronics. It provides what’s known as a smart charging network and it’s available for public, private and domestic users. When we install your charging infrastructure, you’ll also benefit from using Hubsta! It can be used differently depending on what your requirements are.


Businesses are able to manage their account, monitor usage and user activity, allocate fleet usage, and achieve revenue through their charging station infrastructure. It’s super easy to use the Hubsta interface on a laptop or even in the app – here you will be able to see all your information in one place. (You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store).


As an EV driver, you’ll benefit from RFID fob access, 24/7 support, Hubsta app access – making it easy to charge – and so much more! Hubsta now has over 4k user and is connected to 30k charging stations Europewide, so you might find yourself crossing paths with us sooner than you think.

So if you do find yourself pulling up to a charging station and you see the Hubsta logo, follow the steps below to begin your charging journey with us!

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Viva electric!