What’s The Difference Between Home, EV Fast and Rapid Chargers?

The difference between home, EV fast and rapid chargers is the time needed for a full charge and where they are commonly found. Discover how EV rapid chargers work and which type of EV charger is right for your application.

  1. Charging at home with a home EV charger

When buying an electric vehicle, you will have a standard home EV charger fitted, allowing you to charge your vehicle each night. Home car chargers use only the required amount of power needed for the battery to fully recharge, and commonly need overnight to fully recharge.

  1. Charging at work with an EV fast charger

When driving your electric vehicle during the day, you may need to top-up your battery to ensure your journey home has sufficient range. If you’re lucky your workplace will have an EV fast charging station available to use to whilst at work.

  1. Charging on the go with EV fast chargers

You will also find public EV fast charging stations at places such as shopping centres, local hospitals and town centres. This makes it easy to ensure you’re topping up the battery when running errands. You can find public car charging stations on websites such as Zapmaps or Carwow.

Where can I find an EV rapid charger?

Most EV rapid chargers are often found in motorway services or in locations close to main roads, due to long distances journeys.  Owners of electric cars need to charge and return to the road within a short period of time. Rapid charging allows an electric car to charge to 80% within 20-40 minutes, depending on the car’s EV battery. However, the last 20% of charging will drop to a slower rate to preserve and maximise charging levels.

Which type of EV charger is best for me?

There’s no denying that owning an electric car needs more forethought than a conventional petrol or diesel model requires. Even if you’re confident about how to charge your car and how long this is likely to take, journeys that exceed the batteries’ range will require longer or more frequent pit stops than you might be used to. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Stick with your standard home EV charger if you can drive to and from work or generally make short journeys that don’t require more than one overnight charge
  • Continue to use public electric car charging stations for long journeys where there are opportunities to stop and charge
  • Check if your vehicle is compatible with a rapid EV charger, if so this could be the best option if you need super quick, rapid charging. Note that although it is quick it will only ever charge your battery to 80% at a quick rate – to achieve 100% this will take much longer.

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