Following the announcement of the revised petrol and diesel ban, businesses are accelerating their plans to transition their fleet to electric vehicles. But most businesses are hesitant due to the further cost of  EV charge points.

Guest writer Simon Fabb – Group Marketing Director of Lease Group, joins us to explain how leasing charge points is a smarter choice for businesses rather than purchasing them outright. 

How do you lease charge points?

Most businesses don’t realise they have the option to lease the charging points. Leasing charge points is much like any other leasing agreement –

How to lease charging points

The benefits of leasing charging points

Not only is leasing simple but it’s also beneficial to businesses, we’ve created the below example to explain further.

The process of leasing charging points and the benefits

Other benefits of leasing business equipment and technology include:

  • VAT is charged on the smaller payments and not the large fee at the start
  • Payments are fixed for the term
  • One rental can include all equipment and ancillary costs i.e. consultancy, installation, training and maintenance
  • Leasing does not affect any of your existing credit lines
  • You are free to upgrade, make additions, or settle the finance agreement at any point
  • Flexible options at the end of the Lease – including indefinite ownership

Further assistance is available in the form of the workplace charging scheme (WCS), with up to £350 per charging socket available to applicants. 

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