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At Elmtronics, we are passionate about helping businesses to improve their sustainability for a safer, more eco-friendly future. We stock a range of industry leading workplace and business EV chargers with modern charging technology, to help you, your employees and visitors lead a greener lifestyle.

Make a change today by rewarding employees who have already switched to electric, and encouraging those who haven’t to join the revolution. Get in touch with our friendly team of specialists today to enquire about our high quality workplace EV charging stations.


Why Choose a Workplace EV Charger from Elmtronics?

If you are a business looking for a workplace EV charger, you can trust Elmtronics. Our electric car charging stations for business are manufactured by leading global EV companies, providing smart, fast, rapid and ultra-rapid solutions to workplaces nationwide, from local councils to household name brands. Read more about our workplace EV charging services.

Not only are our workplace and business EV charging stations cost-effective, they feature advanced charging technology that promises simple, quick and convenient solutions to help employees and visitors charge up with ease. Whether you would like to offer quick charging solutions to visiting clients, or reliable charging to employees who commute into work every day, there are plenty of options available.

Our team at Elmtronics are not only extremely passionate about improving the sustainability of UK businesses, but we are knowledgeable about the entire process. We are OZEV-approved installers and our engineers are fully qualified and trained in accordance with industry standards. Our support extends to after your business EV chargers have been installed; we offer a complete aftercare service including 24/7 telephone support, 24-hour response time in the event of a charging station failure, unlimited call outs and more.

We also offer an EV charging station leasing service, making it easy and stress-free for businesses to spread the cost of any workplace EV charger over a longer period of time. Lease a workplace EV charger from just £79.99 per month (plus VAT).

Other features

  • CE standards compliance
  • 24/7 connectivity
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Robust stainless steel enclosure for all weather conditions
  • Easy installation
  • OCPP integration
  • Fully safety certified
  • Remote software updates

ABB Terra DC Workplace EV Chargers

ABB’s Terra 54, 124 and 184 chargers offer smart, rapid and ultra-rapid EV charging to businesses across the nation.

Compatible with all electric vehicles, these workplace EV chargers are designed for quick, on-the-go charging in a variety of business settings.

Compact design

With a sleek, compact design, the Terra DC chargers are perfect for use in workplace locations of all sizes. These rapid workplace EV charging stations feature an all-in-one enclosure, making them ideal in parking areas with less space. Separate power cabinets for each charger are also not required, highlighting their seamless, space-saving design and making installation more cost-effective.

Versatile and reliable

The Terra DC business EV chargers comply with the latest EV charging standards and battery voltages, making them safe and reliable to use in any business setting. Three vehicles can be charged at once, perfect for when a fleet arrives and employees need to charge up at the same time. A range of customisations are available, such as a cable management system, customisable screen and much more.

ABB Terra DC Wallbox Workplace EV Charger

The ABB Terra DC Wallbox workplace EV charger (24kW) is ideal for both small and large offices, as well as large-scale business parks, complexes and industrial estates.

Intelligent, compact design

This workplace EV charger offers fast charging solutions, ensuring employees and visitors can charge quickly on-the-go and minimise their carbon footprint. Its sleek, modern design allows it to seamlessly integrate into your business’s infrastructure from the moment of installation. With smart charging functionality, the ABB Terra DC Wallbox can optimise any EV charging experience by understanding the most cost-effective and convenient times to charge.

Dynamic load management

With the ABB Terra DC Wallbox business EV charger, employees and visitors can keep energy costs down with dynamic load management. Power can be distributed across multiple vehicles parked up at your workplace for ultimate convenience and practicality. You can keep track of your workplace EV chargers’ charging status and load management directly from the ABB Connect app.

Built-in safety features

Not only does the ABB Terra DC Wallbox have a smart design, it is also incredibly safe and reliable to use. Built-in features such as overcurrent prevention, overvoltage and undervoltage prevention, and surge protection mean employees can use this business EV charging station without the worry of any serious safety issues.

Other features

  • CE standards compliance
  • IP54 protection
  • Remote software updates
  • GSM/3G/4G, Ethernet and RFID connectivity
  • External energy meter integration
  • PE (protective earth) continuity monitoring

Alfen EVE Single Workplace EV Charger

The Alfen EVE Single workplace EV charger is ideal for a number of workplace settings.

It offers market-leading smart and fast functionality for quick and accessible charging, bringing an array of benefits to your workplace with the aim to make it more environmentally friendly:

  • Smart charging functionality with the ability to optimise your charging experience at the workplace, improving charging speeds and reducing energy consumption.
  • Use in conjunction with Alfen’s own management system, or integrate it into any OCPP-compliant back office. This makes it easy to manage your employee and visitor energy consumption right at your fingertips.
  • Modern, full colour 3.5” screen to help guide your employees through the charging process. Businesses can upload their logo so it shows on the screen during use.
  • Robust, safe and reliable design which has been independently certified by Alfen manufacturers.
  • Load balancing to charge multiple vehicles at a time.
  • Wall or pole mountable.
  • ISO 27001 certified.

Alfen EVE Dual Workplace EV Charger

The Alfen EVE Dual workplace EV charger is equipped with two charging sockets for the ultimate business charging experience.

Equipped with both smart and fast charging compatibility, this workplace EV charging station is the perfect solution for larger businesses looking to encourage sustainable travel.

  • Optimise your charging experience with two sockets, plus smart and fast charging to ensure your employees are always ready for their commute.
  • Maximises charging speeds whilst optimising energy consumption for increased sustainability.
  • Allows for easy integration into any OCPP-compliant back office or Alfen’s own management system. This allows for full management over this EV charging station, where you can access energy consumption and historic usage across the business.
  • Large full colour 7” screen for ease of use. Businesses can brand their workplace EV charging stations with their logo through digital photo upload.
  • Fully reliable and built to last, with a robust design that has been independently certified by Alfen.
  • Load balancing option available which allows multiple vehicles to be charged across one charging station.
  • Wall or pole mountable.
  • ISO 27001 certified.
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