This World EV Day businesses are being asked how they’re supporting the drive to change. 

At Elmtronics we truly believe in and fully support the EV revolution and endeavour to make switching to an electric vehicle easy for our employees. 

As part of our offering staff can benefit from a generous salary sacrifice scheme that enables them the opportunity to lease an EV of their own by deducting payments directly from their salary. Included in the scheme are all the necessary elements required to run a car; insurance, service, breakdown cover. Contracts generally run from 2-3 years meaning that once up, staff can enjoy a brand-new electric car!

One staff member recently took advantage of the scheme and received their electric car in August.

“Before starting at Elmtronics, I never could have imagined that driving an EV of my own would be possible. The salary sacrifice means that not only can I lease my own electric car, but all the pain of paying separately for insurance and breakdown cover etc is all neatly packaged into one.”

As well as the salary sacrifice scheme, employees can take advantage of free charging at Elmtronics headquarters. With a combination of chargers available staff can pull up, plug in and charge while they work, knowing they can comfortably make the journey home.

“We understand that one of the growing pains that still affects the uptake of EVs, is concern around charging. We choose to offer free charging at the workplace to help our employees with making the switch. It’s also just one small way that we can show our appreciation for all the hard work and continued support.” – Dan Martin, CEO.

Bid and Tender Manager, Andrew, frequently uses the free charge points at the office.

“Working for an employer that truly looks after its staff is a wonderful feeling, and one great way that they show they care about its employees and the environment is by installing workplace charging that is free for staff to use. Free charging at the office provides further flexibility and comfort knowing that, as a staff member, I can charge my car as part of my commute.”

Andrew added, “It’s great to see the adoption of EV’s in our car park, through salary sacrifice, and to see them all plugged in and forming a work EV community to share our free workplace charging infrastructure.”

Several staff members have also seen the benefits of installing an Elmtronics home charger. 

Lyndsey says, “I love my Elmtronics home charger, it’s easy to use and super convenient.”

Another perk of working at Elmtronics is the opportunity to experience driving an array of luxury electric vehicles, from company cars such as the Tesla to EVs that are loaned to the company for test drives. This enables staff to better understand the enjoyment that comes with driving an electric vehicle and get excited about purchasing an EV for themselves.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of a business in the EV space is to educate. That’s why we give every employee up to date training and ensure that everyone fully understands the importance of our mission and vision.

We will continue to encourage our employees to make the move to an electric vehicle and pledge to support the EV revolution!